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Modeval II

MODEVAL II continued the project MODEVAL which was accomplished between October 2005 and September 2007.

Projektnummer: LLP-Ldv-TOI-2008-FR-117044
Laufzeit: 1. Oktober 2008 bis 30. September 2010

The aim of MODEVAL was to develop a tool for an evaluation to judge the basic knowledge like reading, writing, speaking of adults in Europe. This test is supposed to make the gained data comparable on the EU level.

MODEVAL II adapted this evaluation tool. Furthermore, a training concept for trainers/teachers in the area of literacy/basic education for accomplishment alternatively for adoption war compiled and tested.

Funding agreement: National Agency France (LEONARDO innovation transfer)

Involved partners: Facilities from 7 countries: France, Hungary, Denmark, Malta, Greek, Spain, and Germany.

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